Photo show of Lake Eureka
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WHAT - This site is a window on Eureka’s local natural environment designed to support discovery and celebration of our natural heritage. It provides a seasonal journal and identification aids to help you see what lives and grows here. And you will find maps and links to other sites that show how our local environment is connected to the larger Mackinaw River Watershed, one of Illinois' finest prairie watersheds. Eureka is a small town (pop. ca. 4500) located in Woodford County, about halfway between Peoria and Bloomington.

WHY - Knowledge about our local environment is the first step toward making us better caretakers of our natural legacy. The stewardship we provide locally enhances the wider ecosystem of Illinois waterways and woodlands.

WHERE - The area surveyed focuses on Lake Eureka Park including the lake and surrounding parklands, Davidson Woods, Walnut Creek and its tributaries, as being part of the Mackinaw River watershed.

HOW - The site is filled with photographs, written descriptions and sound recordings of our local natural environment. Search the field guide to identify what you’ve seen, explore trail maps, write to us about what you have seen at Lake Eureka by using the nature observation form.

WHO - This site is a resource for teachers, local residents, visitors to the area, birdwatchers, conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts, and natural scientists. It is hosted by Eureka Public Library and sponsored by Illinois Dept of Natural Resources Conservation 2000 program with additional support from local environmental, educational, and civic organizations. We extend our appreciation to all our sponsors who are listed on the next page.