MODELS - “Matrons of Distinction”: Eureka Leadership Series


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March 1

Mary Gertrude Clark Hawk

March 2

Nelle Clyde Wilson Reagan

March 3

Mary Frances Winston Newson

March 4

Norma Camilla Brown

March 5

Undena de Guibert Eberlein

March 6

Emma Smith DeVoe

March 7

Annie Ewing Davidson


March 8

The Class Baby

March 9

Lydia Alice Wampler

March 10

anonymous enslaved woman

March 11

Elmira Jane Dickinson

March 12

Minnie Vautrin

March 13

Caroline Neville Pearre

March 14

Nancy Jane Ledgerwood Burgess

March 15

Margaret Cleaver Gordon

March 16

Irmgard Rosenzweig Wessel



March 17

Maureen Elizabeth Reagan

March 18

Mary E. Staples Ford


March 19

Elvira “Ella” Seass Stewart

March 20

Ella Campbell Ewing

March 21

Elizabeth Williams Ross

March 22

Tressie Masocco Kozelka

March 23

Elizabeth Cleaver Noonan

March 24

Margaret E. Threlkeld Miller

March 25

Jane Rooker Smith Breeden


March 26

Mabel E. Driscoll Bailey

March 27

Myrta Maud Pearson Ross

March 28

Sarah Jane “Sally” Davidson Crawford

March 29

Lida L. Ford

March 30

Helen Cleaver

March 31

anonymous sketch