IDS262 – Western Civilization and Culture II

Spring 2016



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Course Description


This course is structured around a consideration of fundamental cultural questions that speak to present Western culture and have animated Western civilization from its beginning. Students will read and interpret original texts and other cultural artifacts that address these questions. Students will make connections between the liberal arts and science disciplines, as well as between the various aspects of culture in the major stages of Western civilization. This semester will focus on religious, intellectual, and aesthetic questions.


The Civ Team

Dr. Scott Hemmenway (coordinator)

Dr. Keith Tookey

Dr. Loren Logsdon

Dr. Erika Quinn

Dr. Ery Shin

Dr. Jacob Hilton


Course Syllabus

MWF Sections

TTH Sections


PowerPoint Presentations


The Religious Unit


The Intellectual Unit


The Aesthetic Unit – part 1

The Aesthetic Unit – part 2

The Aesthetic Unit – part 3

The Aesthetic Unit – part 4

The Aesthetic Unit – part 5

The Aesthetic Unit – part 6



Essay Assignments




Reading Guides


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Music from the Aesthetic Unit


Watch Oedipus Rex


Ptolemy’s Epicycles

Check out this nice animation of the epicycles

Ptolemy describes in the Almagest.